Quality protection
Novoterskaya tselebnaya mineral water is one of the most popular and marketed mineral waters in our country. This fact is the reason for the illegal production of counterfeit goods by unscrupulous companies. JSC Kavminvody is actively fighting against counterfeiting.

Is it the original product or a counterfeit? Our customers often ask this question!

On this page, we want to help consumers learn to distinguish a real Novoterskaya tselebnaya from a low-quality fake.
Buying a bottle of Novoterskaya tselebnaya you must be sure that you are drinking a high-quality real product.

We are always ready to discuss things with our consumers.

If you doubt the quality of the purchased Novoterskaya tselebnaya, feel free to send photos of the product and ask questions. We will be happy to answer!
How can you tell the difference between counterfeit and proper water?
on the caps used to seal PET bottles with Novoterskaya tselebnaya mineral water information is applied by laser embossing (logo, manufacturer's name in Russian and English)

the cap and the bottle must be completely new, transparent, with no scuffs or scratches
information on caps, which seal Novoterskaya drinking water in PET bottles (logo, manufacturer's name in Russian and English), is printed clearly and does not erase when rubbed;
in the upper part of PET bottles, the marking is burned with a laser printer, where the following information is indicated from top to bottom: letters "КМВ", bottling date (day, month, year), shift number, and bottling time

read the label carefully — counterfeiters often make grammatical mistakes; unscrupulous counterfeit label manufacturers cannot accurately reproduce the drawing of the original label (water bubbles, logo, font, etc.)
pay attention to the appearance of the bottle: the label must be aligned and glued accurately, there should be no air bubbles or jamming of the label material

the following marks are located at the bottom of PET bottles: volume, environmental signs: sign of container material suitability for food products, sign of recycling (Moebius loop), and "Do not litter!" sign.

Be careful!
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