It is everywhere; it touches the past and prepares the future; it flows under the poles and is present at high altitudes. If there is anything truly mysterious on this planet, it is water.

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Novoterskaya tselebnaya
Novoterskaya pitevaya
Mineral medicinal table water Novoterskaya tselebnaya is one of the best representatives of the whole variety of medicinal waters. It starts its way to your table from the high-thermal source of the Zmeykinsky deposit (well No. 72) from a depth of 1482 meters.

From the deposit, mineral water enters the bottling lines of the factory shops via a direct mineral water line. Thus, the medicinal product has no contact with the environment whatsoever, which allows preserving its medicinal properties.

Mineralization of Novoterskaya tselebnaya is 4.0–5.5 g/l. It belongs to medicinal table waters, i.e., this water can be used to both treat and prevent diseases and as a table drink, which quenches thirst.

Total mineralization 4,0-5,5 g/l
On the western slopes of Mount Elbrus, at an altitude of 1339 m above sea level, where the Ullukam and Uchkulap rivers merge, there is a place where the great Kuban River originates. Elbrus ice cap with an area of 134.5 sq. km securely hides its source. Where these glaciers melt, natural drinking water Novoterskaya is born.

Novoterskaya's excellent taste and balanced chemical composition make it soft and drinkable without restrictions.

Harmony reveals itself not only in the amazing qualities of the water but also in the convenience of its use – a small bottle will always be at hand, quench your thirst at any moment, charge you with strength and energy.

Total mineralization 0,06-0,5 g/l
In the picturesque valley of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, Kavminvody Joint-Stock Company has built a mineral water bottling plant.

The company's products — natural mineral water Novoterskaya tselebnaya and drinking water Novoterskaya — are widely known in Russia and abroad.

The vision of the enterprise is to offer the consumers the product in its original form, as nature itself created it. We have everything necessary for this: a direct mineral water pipeline, modern water treatment technologies, reliable European equipment, conscientious high-class specialists carefully preserving the invaluable gift of nature.

The technology of recovery, transportation, and bottling makes it possible to produce natural mineral water of consistently high quality, and the consumers receive an environmentally friendly product created by nature and boosting health reserves.
The high awards granted at leading international and domestic exhibitions confirm the impeccable quality of JSC Kavminvody products. Since the first bottle of Novoterskaya tselebnaya was produced, the enterprise has received more than 150 awards.

Not only the plant's products have earned compliments from specialists. The staff and management of the enterprise have been repeatedly receiving diplomas, distinctions, and certificates for the high-class organization of business processes, the enterprise's contribution to the socio-economic development of the country, sustainability, and efficient quality management.

Incorporation of JSC Kavminvody
the 25th
In February 2020, the company celebrated the 25th anniversary of its incorporation.
The plant carried out activities related to the protection of products from counterfeiting. A complex label design was developed. The company began using a transparent cap with an embossed logo to cap bottles.
In July 2020, JSC Kavminvody confirmed the compliance of the food product quality management system with the international standard FSSC 22000.

In February 1995, a new enterprise, OJSC Kavminvody, was registered and later reorganized into JSC Kavminvody. The main goal of the enterprise was to create a technology that would allow bringing to the consumers mineral water in its original form as a healing product created by nature over millions of years.
JSC Kavminvody has two independent production workshops.

The Novoterskaya™ products are bottled on automated production lines of leading European equipment manufacturers (from Italy, France, and Germany). Their capacity makes it possible to utilize fully the resources of the produced water.

An important stage in the production process is the use of modern water treatment technology, which does not involve the use of chemicals and membrane filters. Water purification includes filtration through sand-gravel-coal filters that imitate natural layers and preserve natural properties of the water, micron filters, and ultraviolet treatment.

During the filling process, the quality of the products is checked in strict accordance with the approved procedure and frequency.

All of the enterprise operations are aimed at maintaining the impeccable quality and organoleptic properties of the products. Its quality is under continuous production and laboratory control.
The certified production laboratory is equipped with modern control equipment and instruments.
The company has developed, implemented and maintains a food quality and safety system ensuring compliance with international requirements of FSSC 22000 (Food Safety Management System Certification, certificate number 15 551 - FSC - 001 RU), which allows to control the entire process, including control of received raw materials, production and storage of products.
The developed program of production control over the compliance with sanitary rules and the implementation of hygienic measures guarantees high product quality and ensures a long shelf life of the products.

The North Caucasus, and especially its pearl of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, is beautiful at any time of the year. Nature has generously endowed it with unique mountains, forest thickets, sunlight and, most importantly, healing mineral water springs. There are more than three hundred of them in the region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Unlike any other region of the world, almost all varieties of mineral waters are found here. Specialists made surveys and sought all these natural resources in order to put them at the service of people seeking to improve their health.
Zmeykinskoye deposit
is a living gift of nature

Zmeykinskoye deposit is a living gift of nature in 1978-1980, in the era of the Caucasian Mineral Waters resorts development, the North Caucasian hydrogeological expedition explored and drilled a well located at the foot of the Zmeyka Mountain – the Zmeikinskoye deposit of carbonic mineral waters (well No. 72). The commercial operation of the well began in the early 1990s.

Zmeikinskoye deposit is located within the specially protected ecological resort region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, five kilometers northeast of the resort town of Zheleznovodsk. The surface above the deposit is an ecologically clean area covered with pastures and forests. Around the deposit, there are no large industrial enterprises or settlements capable of posing a danger of technogenic pollution.

The depth of the well is 1482 m, and it is not easily accessible – the productive horizon is covered with a thick (over 600 meters) layer of impermeable rocks. This protective formation allows Novoterskaya Tselebnaya to preserve its ecological purity and unique chemical composition in their original form.

Mineral water is recovered from well No. 72 without the use of pumping units, due to excess pressure. Novoterskaya tselebnaya is transported to the bottling shops via a direct mineral water pipeline made of stainless steel.

The well is operated in favorable conditions that ensure the reproducibility of a natural resource – mineral water. The water composition is stable — during the entire period of the well operation, there have been no changes in its physical and chemical parameters.

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