In the early 18th century, Peter the Great issued a decree "On the search for mineral waters in Russia." The emperor told his head physician Schober "to look in our state (and especially in places where there are iron ores) for spring waters, which can be used to treat diseases".

There are many beautiful legends about the healing power of the Caucasian waters. Science, however, explains their richness and diversity by the unique geological structure of the earth's interior associated with the volcanic activity of the Caucasus Mountains.

Johann Anton Güldenstädt started the first official research of the springs in 1773. 20 years later, Peter Simon Pallas, who was invited to participate in the physics expeditions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, surveyed and described the springs of the region. Pallas ends his story about the healing springs with prophetic words, "I am convinced that this water will be recognized as very efficient in treatment of a large number of diseases when people learn more about it."

On April 24, 1803, Emperor Alexander I signed a rescript "On the recognition of the state significance of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and the need for their development." By this time, the patients of the Kizlyar hospital, soldiers and officers, who participated in the Caucasian War, have experienced the healing power of the springs.

It was in this region that Russian resort science was born and strengthened, and its formation and development is associated with the names of S.A. Smirnov, A.N. Ogilvy, A.N. Sokolov, and E.E. Karsten. This is our history.

For many years, the residents of our country have enjoyed going "to the waters" in order to improve their health, recharge with the energy of the sun and the gifts of this fertile land. Plants were built here to bottle medicinal mineral waters and send them to all parts of the country.

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